Meet Joleene

As a language arts teacher and workshop presenter, Joleene used her passion for storytelling and the power of words to capture her audience - to hold their attention - and to take them on a journey to other places and times. She uses that same passion to bring her client’s words to life and help their business project a more professional image.

Joleene believes in giving back to her community. She regularly volunteers her time to record textbooks, short stories and novels for blind & dyslexic students at Learning Ally and local school districts. She also volunteers her voice and time for political robocalling.

Joleene's Training

Joleene consistently strives to be the best voice-over artist that she can be and searches out new opportunities for growth.

Featured Voiceover Training

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Denver Center for Performing Arts | Group Classes
Arapahoe Community College | Group Classes
SuchAVoice | Bi-monthly Teleconferences
Edge Studio, VoiceOverXtra | Continued Voiceover Mastery