Rave Reviews

Joleene's voice descriptions were exactly what I was looking for to narrate and produce my audiobook, Burned Bridges. It was a pleasure working with Joleene Derks. She took the time to make suggestions about samples for my audio book and did a wonderful job putting it together.

— Marguerite Ashton | Author of Burned Bridges (The Crossing Series)

Joleene, you have one of those voices that really hits the mark! I am impressed with your warmth and rich sound, and you come across as strong and capable. You have a niche in the corporate narration sound and for doing large audio projects with that smooth delivery. Nice instincts on your pacing as well - you record beautifully.

— Lisa Foster | Producer

Joleene has a professional, yet pleasant approach to recording. Her voice has a calming quality and she takes direction well.

— J. Walters | Engineer

Your voice is so pleasant and easy to listen to...

— Tia Marlier | Voice Talent